V8 Performance Engines

Below are a selection of our well proven performance V8 engine builds. The Sports range has been developed for competition and fast fun use, applications where performance and reliability are paramount.  Here you can click for car Insurance for mailbox collisions and more info to be ready for any accident in your automotive performance.

The Hi torque range has been developed especially for use in standard everyday vehicles, yet engineered for use in extreme conditions such as challenge events.

See our engine management page for details on ECUs and systems.


ACR’s Hi torque version of the well regarded Sports variant. Superb upgrade for late model Range Rover P38 models where this engine fits straight in with no other modifications. Power is right where its needed at low to mid speed RPM. Built with the same robust bottom end as the sports engine, including forged pistons, the Hi Torque utilises a milder camshaft and either our stage 1 ported heads, or for a little extra cost upgrade to the CNC ported big valve heads.
Supplied as a basic stripped engine.

With Stage 1 heads exchange £ 4565.00
With CNC big valve upgrade £ 5284.00

All prices quoted exclude VAT


ACR 4.O DAKAR. Based on the Thor engine, this spec includes our heavy duty top hat liner system to eliminate the cracked block problem. Fitted with our CNC ported big valve heads, reworked intakes etc, this engine produces 265 BHP, a significant increase over the original Bowler high
spec engines, which show 235/240 BHP on our test bed.

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4.6 SPORTS ENGINE 278–282 BHP @ 5400 RPM, 289 ftlb @ 4700 RPM

Designed for smooth broad power band, this engine gives strong torque from 1200 RPM. Included in this specification is our top hat liner system with 94mm bores, 9.75 CR, Stage 2.1 CNC ported big valve heads, pocketed pistons, reworked and shortened 45mm intake tracts and flowed
plenum chamber, vernier duplex cam drive and hydraulic camshaft. Engine fully assembled with sump, rocker covers, front cover/oil pump, and can be specified in either Serpentine or Gems configuration. This engine has had notable competition success and is a favourite with the top
competitors in National Championships, including Hill Rally Championship winners Tim Dilworth and Anthony Brinkman.

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4.8 SHORT STROKE SPORTS. 299-304BHP @ 5600 RPM, 294 ftlb @ 5250 RPM

Built to a similar spec to the 4.6 Sports but with our own forged 96mm bore pistons. The 4.8 is an excellent choice, giving a very competitive balance between power, torque and cost

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5.0 SPORTS 308-312 BHP @ 5900 RPM 318 ftlb @ 4300 RPM

Built on the favoured short stroke big bore forged (96mm x 86.3mm) with fully heat treated offset ground crankshaft, I beam billet rods, and hyper eutectic alloy pistons, the 5.0 gives effortless torque and smooth running and has a big advantage over the long stroke varieties such as
TVR 500 engines, as the 5.0 short stroke can stand higher RPM and hence offer a big power advantage.

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5.0 WILD CAT ENGINE 398 BHP @ 5950 RPM, 340FTLB @ 5600 RPM

The Rover cylinder head design is ultimately the limiting factor when it comes to power on the V8 engine. If you need over 350 BHP you need the Wildcat!

Includes the latest style 47mm crossover throttle bodies for even better flow, CNC ported heads, 96mm big bore top hat liner block, roller rockers, solid cam, camshaft and 11.1 CR

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Based on the Jaguar derived V8 engine as found in the Land Rover 2005 onwards Range Rover and Discovery. Utilizes the current variable camshaft timing and fly by wire throttle technology to produce a power and torque output not possible with the previous generation of engine design.

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