Engine Management Systems and Dynamometer Testing

ACR offers a full in house engine dynamometer test facility. We operate a computerized Froude hydraulic brake which is ideal for testing and calibrating the types of engines we specialize in. The Froude dynamometer enables us to run extended load tests on high torque and power output engines, fueled by petrol, ethanol, LPG, CNG or diesel and even dual fuel configurations.

The test cell instrumentation includes fast acting wide band exhaust oxygen sensors, for near instant fuel / air ratio measurement, slower acting multi gas analysis for accurate multi gas emissions measurement, multi channel data logging and variable voltage engine power supplies for enabling full dynamic voltage corrections to be made and tested covering injector dead time and coil charge times, important back ground factors so often overlooked by other tuners.

Our considerable experience at calibrating performance engine management systems has over the years enabled competitors to get the very best output and reliability from their engines, powering them to numerous race and championship wins.
ACR are able to meet the challenging requirements of configuring the engines of highly tuned competition vehicles which are required to pass current emission standards, both for annual tests and for the more stringent approvals required for new build vehicles produced by specialist constructors.

Expertise includes developing solutions for unusual engine applications such as stationary power units for pumping or generation purposes. We supply and calibrate the Simtek / Specialist Components Body logic diesel engine management system for the standalone use of the Land Rover / Jaguar V6 diesel engine.

Omex 710 management system

ACR have found this unit to be a great product for engines such as the distributorless Rover V8, coil on plug KV6 etc. Totally reliable in extreme use such as the Dakar endurance race, and has many excellent features including sophisticated Lambda emission control, on board barometric sensor, and very flexible inputs and outputs.

QT Wildcat

QT have taken the famous Bowler design and developed the car further. ACR provide QT with a range of engines for the new Wildcat.

For more complex engines such as the 4 cam, variable valve control, coil on plug and fly by wire ACR 4.0 Jaguar Dakar the Pectel SQ6 is our choice. Its pedigree is such that it is the choice for top level motorsport applications including World Rally cars.