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In the Desert
In the Desert
New engine fitted and ready to go!
New engine fitted and ready to go!
Tito and Roland in the engine test cell

Tito and Roland in the engine test cell

Out on the dunes

Out on the dunes


May 2012

Tito Conceição, Portugal

Bought an ACR 2.25 3 MB Power Plus engine for his 1979 series III 88"

Tito arranged for ACR to test run the engine on its in house dynamometer prior to shipping, and he flew over to see it running.
Once fitted, it was straight off to the deserts of Morocco for an
adventure, and he reported the following.

"Just to say thank you for the excellent service I received from ACR , I spoke with different engine builders and decided to go with  ACR, since day one they where very understanding of my needs and always with the time to talk about it.

My plan was to take my 1979 Series 3 to Morocco, just me and my
wife, so I needed an engine and company that I could rely on.
  Sufficient to say that the engine proved itself over and over, we came across really soft sands, steep climbs, and the extra torque and power of the Power Plus engine was more then welcomed. When you are on your own on the desert, it's good to know you have the engine to take you back."







April 1012

Tom Livingston, Alsaka

Tom bought a 2.8 power plus engine late 2009, for his 1963 Series IIa, and dropped a note to report as follows -

I've put nearly 3500 miles on your Power Plus 2.8 engine - and I love it!  I live in a hilly part of Alaska and this pulls the hills very
easily, even with the high ratio Ashcroft transfer box. With its
abundant torque I find I'm shifting gears less and getting better
mileage than with my old 2.25L engine. Being the same basic block as the old engine, fitting it into my Series IIa was a piece of cake,everything matched up well. Only the lack of oil drips on my garage floor belie its humble origins!

Thanks for all your support - and a great motor!



April 2011



Steve Owen purchased an exchange ACR 4.6 stripped engine package for a late model "Thor" Range Rover. He fitted it himself at home, and sent us his report on the job!


Just a quick note to say thanks for the advice, guidance and first class service you gave in supplying and arranging delivery of the new engine for my P38, and collection of the old one.  The technical fitting and running in notes, as well as the initial advice and friendly telephone contact was very much appreciated.

I had researched several engine suppliers and have to say that the ACR package was an easy choice being fully remanufactured, complete with front cover and comprehensive fitting kit, and at a very competitive price. Never having swapped an auto before let alone a gas converted p38 it appeared complicated and a bit of a daunting job at first, but it turned out pretty easy - following the advice given and being methodical. It was an achievement and kept me and my son occupied and out of trouble for a week or so.

I've attached a few photo's of the before, during and after effects.

Thanks again

Steve Owen 

Update - May 2011

1st oil/filter change this weekend after 550 trouble free miles -
expensive keeping to petrol rather than LPG, but initial run-in done so gas should be OK now. I hope.
Bit I didn't mention in the original feedback was the smile that's
returned to my wife's face. It's her beloved car and she thought it was game over, but ~ £3.5 - 4k has restored it to a new feel . Worth every penny.
Best Wishes


Landrover 109

Chester to Hull 2011


Landrover 109
Peter and Roland Discussing the finer points of the 6 cylinder engine

Back in February, ACR rebuilt a 2.6 6 Cylinder Land Rover engine for Peter Rijneveld. An unusual project for ACR, this was undertaken by Director Roland Marlow and ACR Apprentice Paul Winn, as a special job to expand Paul's training and knowledge, whist satisfying Roland's interest in this unconventional Rover Inlet over exhaust engine design.

Peter's Land Rover is a fantastic 109" LHD Station wagon, and resides in Holland. Ex Italian fire service, its one of the most original Land Rovers we have seen, and was well worth preserving and rebuilding the damaged 6 cylinder engine.

Dear Roland,

We have arrived safely in Haarlem, the Netherlands this afternoon, after finishing approx. 400 kms of running-in.

The work you have performed to the 6pot is amazing! The engine performs really well, probably better then new. The overhaul of the engine including clutch, engine mounts and balancing has changed this Land Rover to a completely different car! Less vibrations, less noise and rattle, more power, and the ability to control this power to the wheels all have a very positive effect on driveability. The result is way better than I ever expected.

Thanks again for all of your fine work, I will send some pictures in the near future.

Best regards,


1968 Landrover 109 6cyl Stawag


"Thought you might like to know our engine arrived safely. I've just  picked it up from the docks today and everything seems to have  arrived and traveled well. All we have to do now is fit it into our 110!!………The engine is fitted and running in has started! No problems with the installation ……..Many thanks for your help and we look forward to many miles of trouble-free motoring…..Kindest regards to you all"

Malcolm Ashcroft, Falkland Islands

"I am absolutely delighted with my 4.6 V8 block!"

Guy Cashmore at Kensa Engineering - Cornwall

“Your conversion has “transformed” my Landrover considerably.
I am very happy - keep me posted of any new products you have in the pipeline.”

David Foye - London

“I am very pleased with my purchase from you and the help that I was given.”
Philip Bates, Pagham - West Sussex

“I am very pleased with the Cylinder Head and Power Plus Kit which I had fitted to my SII.
The service and workmanship was very good and very helpful. I also found the staff very
friendly. Excellent company - keep up the good work.”

Mr Doyle

“With no doubt ACR are the only place I recommend.  I have had exemplary customer care, and at times above and beyond. So keep up the good work and thanks very much Roland!"
Steve Popkins - Norfolk

" Well, I just can’t tell you how pleased I am with the 2.8 Engine - the power is excellent.
I just love it! It brings the SII into the 21st Century and it’s a pleasure to drive.
I am always happy to recommend your products to anyone.”

Adrian Thomas, Brentwood - Essex.

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