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28 October 2015

Ben Duckworth wins the final round of the BCCC with his ACR powered Milner LRM-1. This makes 3 wins for Ben this season in the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship.

It's a close call between Mark Jacques and Paul Myers with Mark placed third and Paul fourth.

Neil Davey achieves fifth place with his ACR powered GSR 206 despite no power steering! and sixth slot goes to Steve Smith.

The last Hill Rally of the season is fast approaching with a strong entry for the Borders Hill Rally running 21 - 22 November at Forrest Estate, with ACR powered cars making up a good portion of the entry, and across all of the classes. It's looking like a real Classic Hill Rally, and we will be watching the Leader Board with interest!


October 2015.

Its been an incredibly busy year for ACR so far, now having
settled down into our new factory, we have taken on more staff, including two apprentices.

ACR's competition and racing department has seen excellent
results from its work, with great news from the MSA British
Cross Country championship, where Mike Moran has provisionally retained his crown for a second season with an event to spare,
Well done Bumpy Mike!

With the last BCCC race yet run at Walters Arena, we expect to see good racing for runner up and class positions, and watching closely how two BCCC event winner, Ben Duckworth with his ACR / Pectel SQ6 Milner performs, along with Mark Jacques with his ACR 4.8 V8 powered challenger, Britpart's Paul Myers with ACR V8 Tornado, Steve Smith with his V8 Clio and Richard Green with his V8 Tomcat, all fighting for top positions.

In the Dunlop TVR Challenge, Dave Stuart is looking forward to
the last race of the year at Oulton Park, Where he hopes for a
strong class B result.

The workshop has not neglected its strong interest in the
Classic Land Rovers of the 50's through to more recent Defender models, along with Range Rover Classic and P38 models of course covered with standard and performance improved engines. The ACR 4.8 Hi Torque V8 continues to be the popular upgrade choice for these models.

Series Land Rover owners will be interested to learn that we are testing a new capacity increase for 2.25 3 and 5 main bearing engines! as part of a number of new developments in progress. This will increase capacity from 2.25 to 2.5 litres, and
features a brand new piston design. More torque and power,
standard servicing and an up to date piston with modern
materials and technology means more durability, less friction,
better ring sealing and wear characteristics all mean long term
benefit, all at little extra cost. 

This complements our long running and successful 2.8 upgrade for the 5 main bearing engine.


June 2013

We have moved! Our new site is next door to our previous location. Apologies to any customers who have found difficulties emailing us over the transition period. Our email address: is up and running.

May 2013

ACR has been at its current premises since its start 1996, and has grown considerably over that time. We have used all the space available here at J Reid Trading and are bursting at the seams! ACR now have aquired land and buildings on Factory Road formerly belonging to Veolia PLC.
Over the next few months we will transfer our operations on to the new site, with the aim to keep disruption to the minimum. Our address will be virtually the same, as we are only moving next door, and we expect to transfer our existing telephone and fax numbers too.
We will update our details as soon as the new site is operational.

Competition news

The first National Championship round of the All Wheel Drive Club, AWDC saw a first overall result for Andy Deguillio with his ACR Wildcat 5.0 V8 powered milner R5 Protruck.
In the Northern Off Road Club NORC Championship Andrew West debuted his new ACR Nissan 350 Z powered Milner R5 Protruck, and was rewarded with a first overall too!
The British Off Road Championship first round was cancelled due to several factors, including heavy snow still lying on the ground. We look forward to mid May for the second round!
We wish all our Customers powered by ACR all the best luck for the 2013 season! Please send us your results and action pictures, and we will endeavour to include them in future news.

Gearbox controller news

ACR can now control the ZF 4 HP 22, 4 HP 24,  5 HP 24, Jatco Rover / Freelander, Jaguar 4.0 Supercharged with Mercedes 722.6 5 Speed Gearbox. The ZF 6HP 26 gearbox is in final development. We can interface and reprogram the GM 6L80 and 6L90 Fitted to LS3 and other LS series V8 engines. We can flash custom calibrations into brand new GM gearboxes. 

Prices for control packages start from £ 1350 

ACR Jaguar V8 sports engine News 

Now in its third full season of competition, Dan lofthouse continues to test in action the latest tweeks with ACR 4.4 Land Rover / Jaguar V8 engine. This highly competitive budget clubman racing engine has simply blown away the competition running engines costing 3 or 4 times as much. Totally reliable and trouble free, the engine now exceeds 380 BHP and 350 FTLB of torque on a carefully built but basically stock engine. This year, we have further pushed the performance with a new set of super high lift cams, which required machining the cylinder heads for clearance of the lobes. Dan will no doubt endeavour to find the limit of the excellent Jaguar V8 engine again this season!

The key to much of this engines exceptional torque and power is from the level of control afforded by the Pectel SQ6 ECU. Even with super high lift cams, we still retain the Variable Valve Control (VVC), and the Fly By Wire ( FBW ) throttles enable us to run the sequential 6 speed gearbox without the clutch. We really can get the very best out of the engine at every load and RPM. Even further improvements are in testing, ever mindful keeping costs low.

Ever popular are the older first generation Jaguar engines. ACR offers the Omex 710 ECU package to run these engines standalone for the 3.2, 4.0 and 4.0 supercharged engines. We look forward to seeing Richard Green, and Steve Smith this season, with Steve running our first Mercedes 5 speed 722.6 Jaguar gearbox control system. Later 3.6 / 4.2 / 4.4 engines with VVC and FBW are better run with the Pectel SQ6.

Nissan 350 Z News 

ACR Offer the Omex 710 to run the stock Nissan engine standalone. Engine runs completely standard crank and cam triggers, and all the stock sensors. Even standard exhaust manifolds! A mechanical throttle body is fitted in place of the electronic unit. Full variable cam timing, which this engine depends on heavily is fully operational. 290 BHP from a very light, strong and compact engine. 

Engine test and set up. 

ACR enjoy an excellent track record of supplying and setting up standalone engine management systems on its in house dynamometer, for all kinds of purposes. Racing, IVA emissions complient road vehicles, generators and pumps. We have setups to quickly turnaround the popular Rover V8, Jaguar V8, Jaguar V6, Nissan 350Z,  BMW M3 / M5 6 cylinder, Land Rover 4 cylinder petrol and diesel, Land Rover TDV6 engines, and can set up for other engines of similar types. We prefer Pectel and Omex where possible, as we have grown to love the functionality and reliablity of these systems. However we will work with DTA, Emerald, Motec, MBE, Simtek / Specialist Components and other systems as our customers prefer.

April 2012

Automotive Component Remanufacturing Ltd acquires Wildcat Engineering.

Wildcat Engineering, the specialist engine component manufacturer and  Rover V8 race engine builder has been acquired by ACR following the  decision of Wildcat Engineering's owner Ian Richardson to retire.

Wildcat Engineering's products include high performance cylinder heads  manufactured from completely new castings, throttle body intake manifolds, dry sump systems, front covers and associated high performance Rover V8 engine components.

Ian remains on hand to assist with the transfer of tooling, foundry  pattern equipment and product expertise.

ACR Engineering director Roland Marlow reports "We have been involved  with the Wildcat project for a number of years, having built and dyno  tested Wildcat engines for off road motorsport, and are very familiar with the product. We are delighted to take on Ian's business, and will ensure the huge experience and effort gone into the Wildcat component 
development so far will be maintained and expanded. It fits right in with our existing business, and complements our existing Rover V8  range of sports and hi torque engines."

Over the next few months, ACR will be setting up the Wildcat tooling to suit their CNC machine shop with the objective of maintaining stock availability of the Wildcat product range.

Website will be updated as information  and stock becomes available.
Contact +44 (0) 1244 539196

June 2011


Second place overall on first competitive outing

The ACR 4.4 Jaguar sports engine powered Lofthouse Freelander is showing its pace with two amazing second overall podium finishes in its first two competitive outings.
First event was the All Wheel Drive Clubs and Northern Offroad Clubs interclub Wisbach Safari.
Second event was the British Cross Country Championship ( BCCC ) Cardiff Round.

After the Cardiff round, on the Brynffynon hillside course, driver Dan Lofthouse reported to BCCC news " I am pleased to be second. We are still at the early development stage with the car, and I didn't expect we would be doing so well so soon". He added " There is a lot more to come from the car, and we will be upgrading it through the year".

The full race report and news and further information about the BCCC can be found here ( You can find more information about the car and what's inside it here (What's inside the Lofthouse Freelander?).

Back in the workshop, ACR have been busy with an exciting new development for series and early 90 / 110 owners with the 2.25 engine.
ACR are dedicated to keeping the series land Rovers on the road with our range of remanufactured engines and the Power Plus range of components.
The details of the new product will become available once development and testing is complete.

Dan Lofthouse British Cross Country Championship 2011 Nescliffe

Dan Lofthouse British Cross Country Championship 2011 Forrest Lodge 2011

Dan Lofthouse British Cross Country Championship 2011 Forrest Lodge in car


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Kevin Groos

Kevin Groos, BCCC 2009. Mattseratti special with 4.6 Rover V8 and ACR Omex 600.

Paul Myers

Paul Myers, Director Britpart. Radnor forest. ACR 4.8 V8 power.

Tony Coid
Tony Coid, Forest Estate 2010. Tomcat 100" with ACR 4.8 V8 and Omex 710
Bumpy Mike
Bumpy Mike, AKA Mike Moran in his new 2010 car. Bumpy came to fame with his Bowler Wildcat 100, powered by 4.8 V8 and Omex management.
Richard Green
Richard Green 2010. Tomcat 100" with Rover V8 and ACR Omex 710
Henry Webster
Henry Webster, Sweet Lamb 2010 Discovery 3.9 V8 with ACR Omex 710


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